Edmonton EXPO 2017


The city of Edmonton was developing a bid to host Expo 2017, as a final project in interactive design, we were asked to propose a redesign the Edmonton Expo bid. The project required the submission of: homepage and two sub-page mockups, a sitemap outline of the entire proposed site, and a functioning html site (three levels deep from at least two top level links on the homepage). The site would generally act as the mission statement for the event in Edmonton. It would help to inform and convince deciding commitees at a municipal, provincial, national, and ultimately international level, of the viability of an Expo being held in Edmonton.

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Mockup of Edmonton Expo 2017 Homepage on a Desktop

Edmonton Expo 2017 Homepage

Edmonton Expo 2017 Subpage

Edmonton Expo 2017 Experience Subpage

Edmonton Expo 2017 Information Sitemap